About Us

Hope Energy Group

From large industrial complexes to large and small commercial, healthcare and government facilities, Hope Energy Group's expert staff can help you manage each and every aspect of your energy efficiency project.

Educate & Learn

We take the time to understand your objectives, timeline, and process. We ask our clients to rank their priorities, including things like initial costs, ongoing energy, and maintenance savings, environmental concerns, aesthetics, safety, and comfort, etc. This helps us design the right set of solutions for each customer.

Site Assessment

Our site assessment includes onsite data collection and a comprehensive review of background materials, including drawings, utility bills, etc. In this model, our audits, design, and engineering are free of charge.

Comprehensive Analysis

We provide a three-pronged analysis for each project: financial, technical, and environmental.

Recommend Solutions

Our proposals are "investment grade" and include a firm price net financial incentives for each installed solution. It includes material, labor, recycling/disposal, project management, and warranty support.

Installation & Project Management

Our project management team is second to none. We can work according to your schedule to minimize disruptions and get the job done quickly and safely.

Post-Installation Support

Just because your project is complete, doesn't mean we disappear! At Hope Energy Group, we align ourselves with manufacturers who share our philosophy that your product is our word. We have forged long-term relationships founded on integrity with both our customers and manufacturers. We act as your conduit to the manufacturer and if there is a warranty issue, and we fully warrant our installation as well.